Pay Station Arch

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Cooley-Brite® Lite Colors
About Cooley-Brite® Lite Colors: This eight-year warranty, 16 ounce, eradicable substrate, is based on the same proven technology as Cooley-Brite. Cooley-bright® Lite is lighter in weight, offering unique flexibility for ease of installation. As with Cooley-Brite®, it is translucent, flexible, durable, and features excellent lay-flat characteristics and is engineered for high color brilliance and consistent color transparency.

Product Description
  • Sleek and Modern Design that will help improve your Car Wash Image
  • Protects your expensive and sensitive electronics
  • Each unit comes with a white powder coated aluminum frame and steel poles powder coated the color of your choice
  • Optional LED Light
  • Option 1 - Polytex Heavy Duty Knitted Shadecloth
  • Option 2 - Sunbrella Acrylic
  • Option 3 - Cooley Brite

Pricing Specifications:
Item Description Price

Pay Station Arch Pay Station Canopy 6' x 9' Material - Cooley Brite $3395.00
Pay Station Arch Pay Station Canopy 7' x 9' Material - Cooley Brite $3695.00
Pay Station Arch Pay Station Canopy 8' x 9' Material - Cooley Brite $3895.00
Light 4' LED Light Fixture $175.00
Freight Flat Rate Freight anywhere in the Lower 48 State $500.00